PRAY CALIFORNIA - God's People in UNITY of heart, mind, prayer and action seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and spreading the Gospel! 


This non-profit Ministry raises up Watchmen-Leaders,

thanks, praise, prayer, repentance, and alerts to pertinent issues affecting our State which shifts the atmosphere to SHINE for JESUS! 


Our arms are linked with Pastors, Churches, Ministries, HOPS, Watchmen and Intercessors who BELIEVE in:

Jesus as Savior and Lord, the Bible, the power  of prayer, the leading of Holy Spirit, the gifts are for today, and spreading the Gospel as  we love God first and love one another in one accord per John 17:21-23.


Join our Weekly Wednesday 12:00 Noon Praise and Prayer Call, receive our e-mail Newsletter affecting our State and far beyond, and be an ACTIVE part of GOD'S GOOD


Call (712) 432-0075  Code: 5037802#

"The fervent effectual prayers of the righteous availeth much." - James 5:16b

"But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers." - 1 Peter 4:7

Watch the 2019 ANNUAL



Shofars and Hand Drummers, Welcome, Worship, Communion,
Offering, Repentance, Pro-Life segment with information and prayers

followed with Government segment and rallying people to vote with more prayers offered.

Prayers for: Children, Youth, Adoption, against Suicide, New Age focus,
Foster Kids, and more offered by Ministry Leaders and Pastors.
Reasons why the Church needs to stand with Israel followed
with prayers by Messianic Jewish Brethren.
Inspiration and declarations for Californians, then lunch break!


Shofars and Opening Prayers, Worship, Promise Keepers, The Mighty Men Movement, Sharing God's Heart, Rallying men to pray and bless women.
Women praying over men.

Encouraging Word.
Men praying over women.
Hollywood focus with videos, updates and prayers.
California Fire focus with prayers.
California's 58 Counties with PRAY CALIFORNIA County Prayer Leaders.

Arrival of three prophetic guests with their declarations.

Upcoming Regional, State, and National Events

that PRAY CALIFORNIA is involved with.

Prayers for UNITY amongst God's People.
Prayers for the Church.
Final thoughts, Aaronic Blessing and closing Joy song!


*You may need to move the cursor to the beginning of each video to hear
Shofars and Drums, Welcome, and Worship with Terry MacAlmon

May Our Lord abundantly bless all the Pastors, Ministry Leaders, our Worship Leader, Worshipers, and Intercessors who attended...we believe our God was well pleased and much was accomplished in the spirit!

"God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth." - John 4:24

      ARISE, we are God's Watchmen!                              Ezekiel 33: 1-9
        Hear the sound of the shofar!
                    Nehemiah 4:20
                      LIVE Cam at The Western Wall

                                                    Click to watch:               district/jerusalem/western-wall.html

We stand with Israel and we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Genesis 12:3, Ps 122:6

Wicked bills against babies, families, and children shall fall as the Church prays, takes action, and declares NOT ON OUR WATCH!  


We are partnered with KC Dickie,
Founder of

The Mighty Men

Men rising up as spiritual heads of households...women covering
men in prayer and encouraging them to

be whom GOD created them to be, and

men covering women as the LORD

ordained in the beginning!

"FATHER GOD, we ask You to continue to strengthen, bless, comfort, and provide for all who lost loved ones, homes, vehicles, special heirlooms in the fires....Please send help to those who are trying to put their lives back much loss and hopeless. HELP DEAR PROVIDER!
Please bless all those who are pouring out Your Love with their helping hands, encouragement, prayers, and action! May each person and every animal have a safe, warm, wonderful, dry home. We ask these things in the mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST, amen."

                                FOR FIRE updates:

                         Please continue to pray for ALL affected by floods and fires, people and animals...

                       peace, provision, endurance, hope, strength, new opportunities, increased faith, joy!

FOR A LIST of National, Statewide, and County PRAYER CALLS and EVENTS, please

click the Prayer WARRIORS Shield hearts of thanks, praise, and prayers with others! 

    PRAY for our Legislators!


                              PLEASE PRAY for Governor Gavin Newsom and all our California Leaders per 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

                                   And for wisdom including the fear and reverence of the LORD, for discernment, understanding,

                    knowledge, righteousness, truth, justice and God's Kingdom to ARISE! And for strength, favor, and encouragement                                for all who seek FIRST God's Kingdom and His Righteousness! Finally, that good SHALL overcome evil, amen! 


EDUCATION - Schools, Campuses

   Join our Team and be a Prayer Leader in your County -            Let's stand together for God's Will in your region...

   Please go to the ABOUT page and see if your County is           listed...if not, please consider being your representative!

            Please contact us to link Shields and Swords.        

PRAY CALIFORNIA stands in agreement, prayer and support of PRAY4SAFESCHOOLS! 

Check out more information and claim your children's or loved one's school at: 


  Operation Outcry for LIFE!

   Songs of Christmas Joy! 




We are partnered with:

Operation Outcry

Please sign the Moral Outcry Petition:

Californians for LIFE

California ProLife Council


United States National Prayer Council, Pro Life Ministry

The DVD is out, watch the trailer:
Trial of Kermit Gosnell, serial killer

UNABLE TO KEEP YOUR NEWBORN for whatever reason? PLEASE go to:

to find a location to drop off your baby and give him/her a fresh start and a new life! 


LEARN THE TRUTH about the deadly

chemical abortion pill: 

Songs of Christmas Joy!.jpg

PLEASE PLAN to join us on Saturday December 7th, 2019 at 2:00pm in the State Capitol Rotunda as we lift up King Jesus with song and dance, celebrate His birth, and declare that the Government SHALL return upon His Shoulder! (Isaiah 9:6) We are having different ones sing in various languages including Russian, Spanish, Romanian, German, Hebrew, and possibly other languages...and mostly songs in English!


There is a different Holiday Musical Group scheduled before and after us.
Please arrive early to get a seat. Enjoy the beauty of our Capitol and surrounding property! Our hour is from 2:00pm - 3:00pm.

Also, the
Capitol Christmas Tree on the West Side will be up and decorated, it's a great photo opportunity! 


                                  Watch last years 
                  Carols at the Capitol December 2018
                at the Sacramento State Capitol that we                                   organized with participation from wonderful Pastors,                          Leaders, Worshipers, and their Families! 
        Thanks to our Partner Mellos "Jose" Cervantes for                       being our Videographer! His wife Arcelia is on Chain                     Breakers Dance Team and their two young boys are                                                part of our Shofar Team! 
                                                   Click to watch:
Come join us in the Rotunda this year for   Songs of Christmas Joy!  on Saturday December 7th at 2:00pm.  Arrive early to get a good seat....
Mellos will be videotaping for us once again. It's a wonderful Merry Christmas You Tube to share with your friends and family! 

GOD GAVE Moses clear instruction to teach people to live according to Him in Exodus 20 with The Ten you know them? Will you etch them on your heart and teach them to your family?                                      Watch a brief movie video:

PRAY CALIFORNIA Team visits Courage House, walks grounds and prays!

Board Members Jonathan Gainsbrugh, Maryal Boumann, and Linda Peck with Courage Worldwide Founder Jenny Williamson (in black top). We are partnered with Jenny to help END sex-trafficking and see youth rescued and set free!

 Shofar Team

      Please join our Shofar Team as we call God's Watchmen to ARISE and UNITE for His Kingdom!

Prayer Team headed by PRAY CALIFORNIA Director with Board and Partners at  El Dorado County Fairgrounds with KUTLESS, The Katinas, Skateboard Champion Christian Hosoi. Different Churches, Ministry Leaders, and Intercessors joined us...We were told approximately 300 attendees either gave their life to JESUS or recommitted, GLORY!

 Join Chain Breakers Dance & Flag Team!